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Horny Pony

36S Single Malt Whisky - First Release - 45%ABV - 30ml

36S Single Malt Whisky - First Release - 45%ABV - 30ml

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These guys from the 36S distillery in South Australia have a lot of love for their Dad.  Their 1200 litre copper still 'Pando' is named after him and the 36S stands for their Dad's suit size - 36 Short. This whisky was expertly distilled by an award winning team of distillers well known for gin and rakia. This is their first single malt whisky using Australian barley and water sourced from an aquifer under the distillery, then matured in locally sourced Shiraz Barrels for a rich, peppery flavour. This was followed by further maturation in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels to add complexity with smooth fruity notes and then finally returned to the Shiraz barrels to complete the maturation process.

45% ABV 

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