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Bruichladdich 29y/o Black Art 10.1 45.1%ABV 15ml / 30ml

Bruichladdich 29y/o Black Art 10.1 45.1%ABV 15ml / 30ml

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Cult unpeated series from Bruichladdich - even the bottle looks like something from a cult with occult imagery and black opaque bottle. 

From the Bruichladdich Website - The tenth edition of this limited edition series, Black Art Edition 10 encapsulates the enigmatic alchemy of whisky making; with a reliance on nature, craftsmanship and the passing of time. The barley and cask type remain a mystery, with the final recipe undisclosed.

Official Tasting Notes

Nose: Warm and inviting, a bright fruity note welcomes you. The fragrant toasted oak brings chocolate praline, cedar, leather and subtle hints of clove and nutmeg, before moving to fruit notes of sweet apricot jam, ripe melon, dark cherries and blackcurrants. There is a light touch of citrus with lemon zest and gooseberries dipped in honey, with delicate floral notes of geranium and honeysuckle balanced with a hint of iodine and leather.

Palate: Orange barley sugars, ginger nut biscuits and lemon meringue pie are followed by sweet apricot jam and marzipan. The toasted oak brings smooth chocolate and vanilla notes, beautifully complemented with syrupy fruit, raisins, plum and melon. Over time, iodine and a hint of coconut come through, with delicate oak spices of warming ginger and cinnamon. A velvet texture, the depth and balance of this single malt glides across the palate.

Finish: Tablet and smooth fudge bring a softness to the finish, while ripe soft fruits, subtle tobacco and a hint of ginger linger.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Madden

5/5 6th January 2023 (modified from @drrhcmadden on Distiller)

Nose: Oh snap. I love this already. In equal measure this is deep, dark, and foreboding whilst seemingly also being bright, vivacious, and enticing. We can start with the bright: apricots and pears, grape, blackcurrant, a white wine gooseberry. Next the vivacious: delicate barley sugar, honey, florals like elderflower cordial and new spring blossoms. The deep and dark: cherry cola, cedar wood, hazelnuts, toasted oak, dark chocolate, old supple leather. Half an hour into this and it just keeps ramping up. This is a foreboding and endlessly enticing nose that keeps reaching up from its own depths and dragging you further in.

Palate: Wonderfully thick and syrupy arrival, full bodied and clings on for dear life. Sharp nuttiness and ginger spice lead the charge. Barley sugar drops with fragrant, fresh waxy orange spritz and a complimenting slightly bitter, dark orange marmalade. Orange turns slightly sweet and brightens to a jammy consistency and introduces a new raft of flavours, there is almond, a little cherry or blackcurrant, cinnamon, chocolate, and a fantastically warming toasty oak. Theres more though, so much more, a hint of a medicinal note some more traditional sherry cask flavours of dried fruits but also a fresh crisp acidity and tropical coconuty vibe. I barely know what I’m drinking anymore, there is a stupefying level of depth that whilst being superbly balanced is like driving 300 mph through a housing estate.

Finish: Long. Soft and gentle. Toffee will guide you through the finish and introduce you to another experience altogether, there is honeydew melon, a slightly feinty touch of tobacco and vaguely herbal presence, a touch of candied ginger and maybe even preserved or candied lemon too. Oh, and then there is the toffee again, possibly the best toffee i’ll ever eat.

I’ve taken 1/2 the dram and added two drops of water and given it another five minutes to marry. It doesn’t need it. Nothing happens with the nose, but the palate and finish become slightly more bitter and waxy. Take this neat.

I’ve been on this for pushing one and a half hours. Hands down the most complex whisky I have ever drunk. What baffles me is that this isn’t even considered the best Black Art Bruichladdich have put out. Yet, undoubtedly this Black Art was created with some kind of witchcraft. This is a special creation and a true love letter to whisky.